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Medissage Therapies, based in Pretoria Gauteng, offers Medical Massage & Wellness Massage Therapy to provide you with effective relief and management solutions for the pain, stress and tension which is impeding your work and/or personal life functionality, efficiency, quality and enjoyment.

Dear all clients of Medissage Therapies

Medissage Therapies is open again from Wednesday 24th June 2020

Your safety and well-being is important to me and I want you to understand that I am taking the situation we are in seriously and will do everything needed to keep you all safe.

In lieu of the current situation regarding Covid-19; I would like to inform and console all clients of the standard hygiene practices and protocols followed within the studio, as well as the extra precautions now being implemented. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated during this challenging time. Please take note of the following:

  • Each Client’s hands will be sanitised before entering the premises
  • Masks must be worn
  • The studio will be sanitised at the beginning and end of every day, as well as in between each client. Appointment intervals have been extended to 30minutes between each client to ensure all surfaces can be cleaned and sanitised
  • Each client will have a fresh set of towels (as standard) plus extra cover with disposable paper towel sheets
  • Hand Sanitiser will be readily available in the treatment room - please make use of it before and after your treatment
  • As your therapist, I will be routinely sanitising my hands during appointments, as well as the standard washing of hands before and after each session. I will also be wearing a face mask.

Please note:
- If you are feeling at all unwell, or have been in contact with someone with Covid/exposed to Covid, please cancel your appointment asap

Through conscientious actions and precautions, we can get back to our normal activities in a safe and sensible way.

I would like to encourage all of my healthy clients to make and keep your appointments - it has been a long lockdown and I’m sure you are all in need of some good, effective massage to get you back on track

Finally, I am looking forward to seeing all of you again and thank you for your patience during these last few months

Kindest Regards





Medical Massage & Wellness Massage treatments available in Pretoria, Gauteng

Medissage Therapies provide two main types of treatment, Medical Massage & Wellness Massage.

Prior to each treatment, your therapist will undergo a thorough consultation with you in order to identify your needs and the most suitable treatment to address these needs.

If you would prefer to book a certain type of Massage treatment, then you are welcome to do this, and your therapist will provide a treatment which only utilises the techniques of that certain Massage Therapy type.

For more information about the Massage Treatments available at Medissage Therapies, Pretoria, please visit the Treatments page, or click the individual treatment links above.


Medissage Therapies can help you, whether you are seeking:

  • Pain-relief
  • Stress-relief
  • Injury Recovery/Maintenance
  • Mobility Improvement
  • Posture Correction
  • Easing of Tension & Aches
  • Relaxation
  • General Wellbeing & Health

Massage Therapy treatments can help you cope with:

| Sore Back | Low Back Pain |
| Shoulder Pain | Upper Back Pain |
| Tight Neck | Stiff Neck |
| Headaches | Whiplash | Jaw Pain |
| Sore Hips | Tight Legs |
| Cramps & Spasms | Splints |
| Frozen Shoulder | Tennis Elbow |
| Carpal Tunnel Syndrome |
| Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) |
| Bad Posture | Hip & Pelvic Pain |
| Limited Mobility | Injuries |
| Physiotherapy/Chiropractor Follow-on |
and many more physical issues…

For more information about the benefits of Massage Therapy and how it can help you, visit Medissage Therapies’
Benefits of Massage


Professional & Highly Recommended

At Medissage Therapies we take pride in being professional, providing effective treatments with proven results, and being highly recommended by our clients.

I can honestly say this is the best massage I have ever had!!! And I have had so many over the years in some of the best Spa’s all over the world! Melissa is just amazing and so passionate about her work. Also treated my husband and mum to a treatment and they also said it was the best they had experienced” P.Harrison

My wife and I have had many massages from many masseuses over the years. Melissa is the only one who has properly understood various complex issues with my leg and foot, and consistently makes them feel much better. A lovely manner, a great understanding of the body, a perfect massage experience!” R.Pratt

Please see above some of the thoughts of our customers, or click on our Reviews page for more testimonials & reviews.


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